Submit your hug story & video to be part of history

Step 1.             Film yourself shouting ”HUG4LOVE” with at least one other person and than give a hug to that person, post it online and save the link (I suggest filming horizontally and posting it on youtube) *Can be multiple people *SEE VIDEO EXAMPLE 


Step 2. Write ONE touching emotional story about yourself!  


     – The story where a hug saved your life 

    –  The story of a trauma you are struggling to overcome and you need a hug now

     – The story of a trauma you overcame by yourself but really would have need a hug 

     – The story of the hardest thing you’ve been through and you needed that hug, 

     – The story of your most emotional hug

     – The story of a trauma you overcame because of a hug 

    ***any emotional stories that you have in mind*** ( Aim for at least 100 words) 

Example of hug video


I gave a hug to a lady who looked about 25 years old and she told me this hug story *I didn’t filmed her and she will stay anonymous forever* 

I was at my lowest point in my life, I was lost, depressed and had no sense of direction what-so-ever! I have had many suicidal thoughts in my mind for the longest time, but now it was clear, I wanted to do it. I had made my decision. Nothing could change my mind. But than, out of the blue, my mom came to me and offered me the longest hug she ever gave me. I never told her about my suicidal thought, but as a mother, it’s as if she knew something was wrong. We cried together and I felt relief as if the weight on my shoulder dropped. My life was still a mess but I felt something that I had lost for the longest time…… HOPE! 


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