20,654 hugs
780 days
51 countries

Let's improve your mental well-being

with hugs, inspiring life stories and strategies

hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Founded in 2022, HUG4LOVE is THE well-being movement.

Our mission is to build a community of people that want to improve their mental well-being! 

In the last 780 days, more than 66 people joined me on a FREE HUGS adventure to give 20,654 hugs in 51 countries to improve people’s well-being. 


Become the worldwide symbol of well-being by creating 1 billion hug stories in every country


Hug Stories: 20,654 / 1,000,000,000
Countries hugged: 51 / 195 

“We need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 hugs to maintain ourselves and 12 hugs to grow.”

world-renowned family therapist - Virginia Satir


My magic formula to improve your MENTAL WELL-BEING

There are multiple ways to take care and improve our mental well-being. Here are 3 steps that works for me, therefore, I’m inviting you to give it a try.

Step 1: Hugs 

Giving long hugs have incredible benefits like: reducing stress and fear and boosting happiness.

It create a good, peaceful, relax state of mind to think about how to change in your life and improving your mental well-being. Virginia Satir, a world-renowned therapist in USA recommend at least 4 per day. 

You can get a visual reminder to remember to give those daily 4 hugs by purchasing the OFFICIAL HUG BADGE! 

Step 2: Think 

While being in a good state after you gave a 90 seconds hug, you can sit down without distraction and think about the important areas of your life. Think about your physical health, your relationships health, your financial health etc. 

Ask yourself, what are the stories of your past that prevent your from taking action toward having a better life and a better mental well-being. 

To get inspired, you can take a look at people’s stories on my website and Youtube channel. 


Step 3: Action

The strategies to get the life we want are now available all over the internet. 

If people can’t seem to follow those strategies, we don’t have to think that we are broken, we can simply go back to step 1 & 2 until we are able to just do it. 

I wrote a guide about strategies that I used to turn my life around and the way this project transformed my whole life. You can see if this formula can help you here! 


Free hugs adventure with me

hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

How it works: 

1. Send me a message on Instagram about when and where you want to go on a free hug adventure! 

2. We meet, walk together, visit the place, do an activity, give hugs to strangers and I shoot videos about our awesome journey 

3. I do an interview of your experience & you earn the EXCLUSIVE ”HUG4LOVE WELL-BEING STATUS


HUG4LOVE is fundraising money for charity in the field of mental health & mental well-being.


50% of the profit from the sales of HUG4LOVE BADGE will go to charities in the field of mental health and mental well-being. 

I’m still looking for which charity will be receiving donation! Please email me if you have any proposition: 


hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Interview on TV in Kosovo 

Article in the Montreal Newspaper in French 

ABOUT the founder

hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

My name is Jean-Philippe Marier, I’m from Quebec, Canada. 

After seeing the negative impact of the pandemic and the social distancing measures on people’s mental well-being, I started to think about ways to help. 

Since lots of people were missing physical touch and that a hug has so many benefits including improving mental well-being, I thought: ”I will give free hugs everyday, everywhere around the world to everyone who wants”.  That’s how HUG4LOVE is born. 

Than I decided to mix my project with my biggest passion: self-development. 

In order for me to reach my dream life of travelling the world and giving hugs to thousands of people, I had to transform. I had to change my mindset, grow my self-love (self-esteem) and learn how to discipline every area of my life (Physical health, Mindset health, Relationship health, emotional health, Financial health) 

I’m currently giving free hugs daily, inviting people to join me on a free hug adventure and I’m interviewing them to know their inspiring life/hug stories. 

I’m doing it to encourage people to invest time in their well-being to ultimately transform their lives.  

I started the Movement in February 2022 by giving the first hug in Montreal, Canada and I never stopped. Watch my adventures around the world on Youtube


How to improve people's mental well-being?


1. By offering them hugs worldwide daily 

2. By inviting them on free hugs adventure 

3. By encouraging them to offer more hugs (Ideally 4) on a daily basis and to invest time thinking and finding solution to improve their mental well-being. 

4. By creating daily videos publish on social media where we encourage people to give hugs and share with you people’s touching hug stories to realize that YOU are not alone and you can change your life.  

5. By inviting people to send their hug story and hug video on my website to inspire others and contribute to humanity. 

6. By finding ways to fundraise for charities in the field of mental well-being and mental health. 


The HUG4LOVE WELL-BEING STATUS (HWS) is THE exclusive worldwide symbol that shows that someone is helping others to improve their well-being.

The only way an individual can get it is by participating in a free hug adventure with me! 

EMAIL for details:



More than 60 person worldwide decided to join me on a FREE HUGS adventure to improve the well-being of others. The ”HUG BUDDIES” have shown that they care enough about people to distribute free hugs as act of kindness and love. Here’s a list (see below) of the people who came with me and some of videos of FREE HUGS ADVENTURE!

All those people received the HUG4LOVE WELL-BEING STATUS that shows the world that they care about other human being. 

Now it’s your turn to join me on a free hug adventure! You can simply write to me on Instagram, click the button below to have access! 



Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan – Day 481 – Nanita Shoniya




Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 623 –  Sasitorn Thaksin



Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 625 – Buse



Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 629 – Nattaya Marakbut



Krabi, Thailand – Day 640 – Anna & Loui




Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia – Day 646 – Joe



Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia – Day 647 – Kim




Montreal, Canada – Day 698 – Jessica



Montreal, Canada – Day 696 – Catherine




Montreal, Canada – Day 719 – Annalena

#Free hug buddyDayDateCityCountry# of hug stories
4Daniel Marier24221/10/2022MontrealCanada49
9Saida37503/03/2023Sidi bou SaidTunisia52
10Francis37503/03/2023Sidi bou SaidTunisia52
19Janna Butulyan44108/05/2023ErevanArmenia65
20Lusine Arushanian44209/05/2023ErevanArmenia27
21Pantea Yoosefi44310/05/2023ErevanArmenia27
23Zara Sahakyan44411/05/2023ErevanArmenia43
24Talant Sagynbaev44815/05/2023OshKyrgyzstan43
25Kural Chokoev45118/05/2023BishkekKyrgyzstan78
26Saadi Kozhobekov45219/05/2023BishkekKyrgyzstan40
27Suli Phonechik45522/05/2023BishkekKyrgyzstan32
29Aglan Akpan46431/05/2023AlmatyKazakhstan64
33Nanita Shoniya48117/06/2023BishkekKyrgyzstan16
36Kyand55903/09/2023Ha longVietnam15
37Martina57620/09/2023Phnom PenhCambodia54
38Michel59408/10/2023Vang viengLaos12
39sasitorn thaksin62306/11/2023Koh SamuiThailand40
40Buse62508/11/2023Koh SamuiThailand77
41Nattaya Marakbut62912/11/2023Koh SamuiThailand35
42Momay63518/11/2023Koh SamuiThailand33
47Joe64629/11/2023Kuala LumpurMalaysia36
48Kim64730/11/2023Kuala LumpurMalaysia41
49Samantha64902/12/2023Kuala LumpurMalaysia42
50Bhupi65003/12/2023Kuala LumpurMalaysia25


On April 11th, after 780 days in a row, 20,654 hugs were given in 51 countries on 4 continents (North America, Europe, Africa, Asia). And more than 66 ”hug buddies” came to give free hugs to strangers with me.  Below you can see the number of people I gave hugs per country. Watch all my expeditions on YOUTUBE

hug4love hugforlove hugs4love hugsforlove freehugs free hug guy
hug4love free hugs

I invite you to follow my adventures on social media. I’ll post video daily on  INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE,  TIKTOK, FACEBOOK 

I am now planning my trip in South America! 


Hug Stories

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 1 – Hug story #1

Here is the first ever hug I gave for the HUG4LOVE Movement. When this man saw my FREE HUGS T-shirt, he opened his arms and I could read a smile In his eyes! He was delighted with my act of kindness.

Athens, Greece – Day 12 – Hug story #239

When we were at the airport, I offered a hug to this lovely lady. At first she hesitated but we ended up doing it. She told me that she felt super lonely and it was her very first hug since Covid19 started ! (Meaning 23 months without hugs)

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Skopje, North Macedonia – Day 40 – Hug story #895

While my morning jogging, I offered a hug to this man. He said “I love you” during our hug. Than he told me he was going through some hard time right now and this act of kindness from a stranger was exactly what he needed.

Tirana, Albania – Day 46 – Hug story #1093

In Albania, we visited the bunker named ”BUNK’ART” and we met this family coming from Spain. The Spanish man agreed for the hug but added : I’ll do it under one condition, the hug must be at least 30 seconds. It was a fun moment. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Kotor, Montenegro – Day 58 – Hug story #1553

Pavle is a waiter in the beautiful city of Kotor. I met him while he was working and the moment he saw me, he stop everything he was doing and he gave me a hug. Than he said : ”Thanks God, there is finally someone doing this here, thank you, I needed that today”. 

Prevlaka, Croatia – Day 61 – Hug story #1663

I have given a hug to this man who turned out to be with all his special police force crew. To congratulate me for the movement I started, they offered us drinks and even a car ride to go back to Montenegro! 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Petrovac, Montenegro – Day 65 – Hug story #1844

We met Mathis while hitchhiking with him and since we got along pretty well we all spent the afternoon together. He told me he already have giving free hugs to strangers before the pandemic.

Bucharest, Romania – Day 78 – Hug story #2397

Here’s Rob, the owner of the fabulous T5 SOCIAL HOSTEL. Seriously the best hostel that I’ve been in my life so far. Rob’s priority was always to contributing to his community and since we shared that same interest, we bonded pretty quickly. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Zagreb, Croatia – Day 87 – Hug stories #2780 & 2781

I met Sarah and Nikola at my hostel, they are from Slovakia and they decided to spend the day giving hugs to strangers with me. Their energy level was to the roof and it made lots of people laugh! 

Vienna, Austria – Day 109 – Hug stories #3494 & #3495

I met this lovely couple who just got married and they wanted to keep that wedding very small. Therefore, I was their official photographer in front of the church. I had the luxury of celebration their union by hugging them both. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Warsaw, Poland – Day 126 – Hug story #4153

I hugged this young lady who was raising money to help all the Ukrainians people while they were facing such a hard and difficult time! I had so much empathy for her help.

I was very happy to give hugs to a lot of Ukrainians refugee in multiple European countries. It must be horrible to have to leave everything behind you. I felt a huge feeling of contribution when they thank me for my empathy. 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 161 – Hug story #5959

Here’s Elizabeth! She was so happy after our hug! But her story is the most touching! She told me she didn’t hug anyone for the last 3 years! She told me how the pandemic affected her and all the challenges she had to go through. That is why I started this movement. There are lots of people waiting for their hug. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 165 – Hug story #6276

I met this man in the Old Port of Montreal and after the hug he said: ”Thanks, I really feel lonely lately and I don’t have a lot of hugs, so I’m grateful for what you’re doing”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 178 – Hug story #7524

When getting out of the Metro station, this man saw me giving hugs and ask me for one. He told me he didn’t give or receive hugs for 3 years! I was astonished and I gave him another hug straight away! He shared that after few months without physical touch from someone else, you start feeling down. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 221 – Hug story #8190

I met and gave a hug to Clémence on day 216 and she was astonished by my project. She loved the idea so much that she wanted to be part of it. So we planned to meet on day 221, I gave her a official HUG4LOVE T-shirt and we change many people lives in the old port of Montreal. 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 274 – Hug story #9416

After I gave him a hug, he told me he was waiting for a sign to start seeing a psychologist to help him. He confirmed that I was that sign and he was very grateful for my act of kindness.

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 318 – Hug story #9941

While their truck was stopped at the red light, one firefighter came out and gave me a hug. He also wished me a happy new year and said ”Thank you for what you’re doing”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 325 – Hug story #9996

While I passed by that lady, she said ” Don’t ever give up”. It’s as if she knew I needed to her those powerful words at that very moment. When I gave her a hug she said ”that really means a lot, thank you”! 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Day 325 – Hug story #10,000

Here’s Hundi, we talked for 30 minutes about lots of different things like travelling, psychology, mental health and my HUG4LOVE movement. He was very happy to see my desire to help humanity. 

The hug was given exactly at the same spot as the very first hug of the HUG4LOVE Movement ten months earlier. 

Montreal, Canada – Day 327 – Hug story #10,020 

While I was riding the Subway, a lady offered me a donut in exchange for a hug! It was a very fun interaction, she was very impressed by my mission and told me that in fact, there is a big need for hugs. 

Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement
Play Video about hug4love free hugs hug4love movement

Rabat, Morocco – Day 347 – Hug story #10,483

I had one of the nicest Moroccan experience with my friend Annas here. Shortly after we met, we formed a little group and we cooked a tagine on a fire next to the beach! Super traditional experience and it was delicious. 

Fes,  Morocco – Day 360  – Hug story #10,916 

I was going through my Tiktok comments on my videos and this guy, Abdennacer wrote to me that if ever I was visiting his city, I could live with his family! I actually did. I met his mom, his brothers and sisters and the nephew and nieces. They were all lovely people and I was so grateful for so much kindness, so much generosity! I will always remember you my friend. 

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